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Over the past 40 years Hod veHadar has been built thanks to the energy and generosity of its members. We need your support in order to continue that legacy.

We invite you to donate to Hod veHadar so that we can continue to develop and ensure a future for Masorti Judaism in Israel. The receipt for donations (but not for membership dues) is recognized under Article 46 of the Israeli Income Tax Law. Our Amuta number is 580017531.

Membership dues and charges for seats only cover 30% of our annual operating budget.
Rental income and fees brings in another 30% of our operating budget.
Income from our fundraising events generates 10% of our operating budget.
It is your support that helps us balance our budget by providing the remaining 30% of our operating budget.

We are delighted to receive gifts in honor of a special person, in memory of a loved one, and to wish someone a speedy recovery.

Your contribution to Hod veHadar will not only support the many activities and educational programs of our synagogue, but it is also a thoughtful way for you to commemorate special occasions, life cycle events, or to remember a loved one. You may contribute in a variety of ways.

Support our General Fund
This fund supports our overall operating budget, and a variety of targeted funds allowing you to designate your contributions to a specific area.

Sponsor a Program:
Our members have established specific funds to support the three educational programs offered at Hod veHadar.

Sponsor an Event:
Please support our Winter Concerts, our Spring Brunch, a Shabbat Kiddush or other events.

Buy a Leaf or a Pomegranate
On one wall of our Kiddush hall, an artist has created a beautiful Simcha Tree to commemorate happy occasions. You can purchase a leaf on the tree, for NIS 500 ($250 for those from overseas) or a pomegranate for NIS 2000 ($1000). The name of the person(s) or occasion you are marking, such as the birth of a child or grandchild, will be painted on your leaf or pomegranate.

Together, we can continue to maintain our beautiful building and support our exceptional variety of daily and special event programs. With your help we will be able to create innovative new projects and initiatives, and further establish our position as a leading Masorti synagogue and plan for tomorrow so that generations to come may experience all that Hod veHadar has to offer.

Membership Dues

If you wish to pay membership dues by Paypal (in a single payment) you may use the yellow button below. Please note in the comments that the payment is for annual dues. Other payment methods are outlined in membership renewal letter here.
New members are asked to please complete the membership form here.

The receipt for donations (but not for membership dues) is recognized under Article 46 of the Israeli Income Tax Law.

You may mail a check at anytime. Don’t forget to include your current phone number with the check, in case there is a need to contact you. Checks may be made payable to Hod VeHadar and mailed to:

Hod veHadar
4 Hachish Street, Kfar Saba 44386 P.O. Box 516, Kfar Saba 44104, Israel

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Thank you for your generous support!