Welcome from the Chairpeople

Introducing co-chairperson: Bernie Edelman-Green

I immigrated to Israel in 1984 with my wife, and our one-year old son Raphi in 1984. We soon found our home in Kfar Saba.

I come from an Orthodox background and my wife, Judith, from a Reform background. We were looking for an egalitarian community and we discovered Hod veHadar, which was meeting in a school at the time. Then, 26 years ago we moved to the current building.

Over the years the community has become part of our family. We have celebrated life-cycle events, including the births of two daughters, bar and bat mitzvahs, two weddings and the birth of grandchildren. Corona was a crisis for the congregation, but we are back to almost normal activities. Everyone is invited to enjoy a warm, tolerant community that will welcome you with open arms.

Photographer: Mel Ferris

Introducing co-chairperson: Dalia Klein

I have been a member of Hod veHadar, since 1980 when we returned from the US, after many years. Actually, it was my father who discovered the congregation when he visited Israel to celebrate the birth of my firstborn son Amir. He was happy to participate in Shabbat services in the Sharet Junior High School, where we met at the time, and I joined him. I participate in Shabbat and holiday services, lectures, special events, parties and even a trip or two. Someday, I’ll even make it to a communal Shabbat dinner…

I feel blessed and want to congratulate our community, which consists of about 150 families, for another year of fruitful and extensive activity.

Please join in any of the many activities that we offer: whether it’s prayers, classes (also on Zoom), lectures, holidays, trips or just meeting people whose company you enjoy.

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