In times of national emergency, our regular volunteer opportunities are as important as ever, if not more so. We also encourage members to volunteer with the Lev Echad organization that is temporarily being housed in the Tamar Center. 

Are you ever available on a Sunday morning, even once every few months, to volunteer delivering food to needy Kfar Saba residents?

For several decades, Hod VeHadar members have regularly volunteered with “Mlo Hatene”, an Amuta that provides food to needy Kfar Saba residents who qualify through the municipality’s social services department. On Sunday mornings, one or more Hod VeHadar members join a team of volunteers who go to the Mlo Hatene site on Rechov Geller to collect and then deliver food baskets directly to needy residents in their homes. Many recipients are charged a small fee for the food and delivery service. Each volunteer route delivers to about 5-6 homes, and then returns the baskets and money to the Mlo Hatene site. It takes about an hour and a half. Food baskets are delivered to about 200 families in total each time.

The food is provided by Latet, Leket, private donors, and the Kfar Saba municipality. Everyone who works for Mlo Hatene, whether receiving food and filling baskets, delivering food, or handling administrative matters, does so on a volunteer basis. Some Hod Ve-Hadar members also regularly donate funds to Mlo Hatene for the purchase of food. The Amuta’s bank account information is available upon request.

We are looking for additional volunteers. Some volunteers can carry food baskets up stairs in buildings without elevators; other volunteers can drive but can’t carry baskets. We can use more volunteers even if only as drivers.

If you’re interested in volunteering, even if it’s once every 3-6 months, please contact Stefanie Raker, 054-224-3851 or complete this form.


The Bikur Holim Committee stays in contact with people who are undergoing surgery, are hospitalized, or suffer from chronic illness. W when people do not want to publicize their surgery or their problem, we keep in touch with them discreetly and help according to their individual requests. During Corona, we continued to be in contact with older members of the community, especially before the holidays. We will continue our operations according to the situation.

Any member of the congregation who wants to help and be helped by the Bikur Holim Committee, is invited to contact Tami Lehman-Wilzig by email or the office by email or by phone: 09-766-2485