We’re proud to host a Lev Echad Command Center

דלת פתוחה לחמ"ל לב אחד

Hod veHadar has undertaken an essential community support initiative that Hod VeHadar has undertaken to support soldiers and people impacted by the war.

Lev Echad is a longstanding national Israeli nonprofit, which sprang into action immediately when the war broke out. The organization, which has command centers throughout the country, collects and distributes essential contributions to soldiers and families and helps those whose lives have been turned upside down by the massacre, displacement and ongoing threats.

The Hod VeHadar Board agreed to temporarily host the Hasharon area Lev Echad command center in the Tamar Dvoskin Educational Center – after it was forced to leave its previous location and could not find a reasonable alternative. During these unspeakably challenging times, we cannot think of a more fitting mitzvah than enabling a “House of Gathering” in our “House of Prayer.”

What is Lev Echad? Founded in 2005 by the Ein Prat Leadership Academy, Lev Echad is a network of crisis aid centers Lev Echad works 7 days a week performing life-saving (pikuach nefesh) work.

How can you help? Lev Echad is looking for volunteers with different skills to take regular shifts performing a range of activities that are suitable to them. Examples include fundraising, telephoning older adults who are isolated, packing supplies and computer work. You may sign up with App, attached or click here. A list of items you may donate: rice, pasta, tuna, corn, pickles, olives, etc., energy bars, snacks sweet and savory, tea and coffee, salt, sugar, oil, suntan lotion, razors, shaving foam, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, cigarettes, baby food, diapers, wipes, tampons, pads, hygienic female products, toothbrushes and toothpaste, boxers, army socks, trousers and sports clothes for women and children.
Sometimes temporary volunteers can be useful, depending on what needs to be done. Usually it is better to cover a time slot. Please see the Lev Echad website for details.

Hod VeHadar has made helping the war effort a priority. We have lost some income due to making room for this command center. If your friends and family are asking where to send money to help, please invite them to help make our synagogue a “House of Good Deeds.” 

We are certain that Susie and Tamar Dvoskin would have found it very meaningful to house Lev Echad in the Educational Center in Memory of Tamar Dvoskin z”l.

We have worked hard to make this happen, given the urgent circumstances. Things have not always gone as smoothly as we would like, so please accept our apologies if you have been impacted by this quick-moving initiative.

Wishing us comfort in community and in good deeds,
Stay safe.
Bernie Green, Chair

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