I’ve been mother of the groom (MOG) before but not in the days of Corona.  My strategy on being MOG is to situate myself in a comfortable seat in the gallery.  No expectations except to enjoy watching the cycle of life turn yet another notch. 
In the days of Corona my go to reply when receiving innumerable updates regarding the wedding date / location / number of guests / of, “Yes, ok, I understand” was working overtime  How many times can you plan this wedding???  Though very empathetic to young couple’s changing plans:

Wedding date:  June 4 / August 20
Location: Golan / Galil / Golan
Number of Guests: 200 / 100/ 10 / 20 / 30 , I became desensitized and nonchalant. 

Weddings are festive gatherings which bring two families together and increase the love all around.

Stretch our inner circle.   I know this, I’ve done it very happily twice before.

I was sad.  Someone was missing.  My sister, Linda, who lives in New York would not be able to travel to the wedding in Israel.  She is a loving aunt and very present in her niece and nephew’s lives.  Linda and I Face Time almost every day.

I was sad.  Someone was missing.  My sister, Marla, who died four years ago from liver disease.

We are the remnants of the Kahn family from Monticello Avenue in Chicago.  Don’t mean to sound dramatic but we are and it is still difficult for me to accept.   Time is passing.  The actuarial tables are gaining on us and we don’t like it.

Taking a deep breath, I looked in my Corona survival kit and pulled out the tools I needed to reboot my enthusiasm for a wedding in the days of Corona.  I gathered my community around me.

Though my closest friends could not be present, I borrowed a stunning handmade chuppah from my friend, Aliza’s mother, Rahel Hammer.  We tied the chuppah to the pole hooks with rope and took the extra precaution of tying a second time with PVC tape to prevent the chuppah flying away on the Golan wind.

Though my HVH buddies could not be present, I borrowed the chuppah poles from Hod veHadar.  So many of our sons and daughters have celebrated Shabbatot Chatan Kallah and weddings using the shul chuppah poles.

Though my family could not be present, I took countless photos and videos sharing a very alternative wedding vibe from the glorious setting on Har Shiffon in Ramat HaGolan.  The sun was shining,  the wind was blowing, and the darbouka was drumming.  All of us celebrating together.


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